This website will give you all the answers you have been searching for about trichotillomania...from the symptoms, risks, and how to cure it in as little as 9 minutes with brand new technology.

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If you have trichotillomania this will be one of the most important letters you will ever read if you want the anxiety and depression that is commonly caused by trichotillomania to end today.

Some facts you're about to learn about trichotillomania...and why you shouldn't even think about stopping with therapy or medication, until you read every word of this letter!

The single reason almost everyone fails to stop their hair pulling compulsions permanently.

Why common techniques to stop trichotillomania will only treat your trichotillomania symptoms TEMPORARILY (hint: it deals with the effect and not the cause.)

A new breakthrough technique that has PERMANENTLY ended even the most serious trichotillomania symptoms in only 9 minutes.       


Dear Friend,

How long have you had this embarrassing and extremely painful hair pulling compulsion? You probably have tried to stop with will power...maybe even therapy...but if you're like most people, you have not had much success with these traditional methods.

Most of the websites I see are filled with symptoms of hair pulling, but no one really tells you an effective and proven way of how to stop without spending hundreds on therapy...They tell you symptoms like...

Common trichotillomania symptoms include...

1. Obsessive hair pulling that results in serious hair loss...

2. A sharp increase in tension right before you beging pulling your hair out.

3. An immediate sense of pleasure when pulling hair out.

4. Extreme distress in your social life, job, and every area of your life is affected by this condition.

This is the dangerous cycle of trichotillomania, it actually becomes addicting to pull your hair out.

Some people don't even notice or know when they are pulling their hair out...

People with trichotillomania pull out more than just the hair on their head...some with this condition even pull places like their scalp, eyebrows, pubic area, and even eyelashes. Most people with this condition put the hair in their mouth after pulling it.

Trichotillomania is a medical condition...its not easily stopped with common practices.

Trichotillomania is classified as a compulsive behavior this means that you probably feel an overwhelming urge to pull your hair out, even when consciously you know you shouldn't.

What Are Secondary Symptoms Of Trichotillomania?

  • Other common symptoms of trichotillomania include skin picking, nail biting, high levels of anxiety, panic attacks, obsessive thoughts.
  • Most trichotillomania suffers have embarrassment, frustration, shame, and depression about the was worst is most people never want to share this condition with anyone, which makes it very difficult to get others to help you.
  • Denial of the condition is very common.
  • A bowel infection will be caused if the hair that is pulled is eaten on a consistent basis.

Why Do You Pull Out Your Hair?

Trichotillomania sufferers have developed what psychologists call "secondary gain." You unconsciously have a secondary gain for pulling out your hair. Some female sufferers even do it to sabotage their success with men because they do not like being hit on by the opposite sex.

What you must realize is that absolutely everything you do is out of a need to gain pleasure and avoid pain.

You're brain is wired to do this, it is your basic survival instincts to move towards pleasure and move away from pain.

Your brain always has a positive intent...even if it is pulling out your hair.

This information is going to be extremely useful when we use this 9 minute hair pulling cure.

So How Do We Reprogram Your Brain To Associate Massive Pain To Pulling Out Your Hair And Extreme Immediate Pleasure To Not Pulling?

You might be saying big deal...who cares if I associate or "condition" my brain to unconsciously link in my nervous system pain to hair pulling and pleasure to not pulling.

When you actually do this as I will show you, stopping your trichotillomania symptoms will be automatic. Because the unconscious self sabotage will stop automatically. Remember everything your brain does, especially unconscious behaviors are done out of subconscious associations and beliefs.

Why Is Trichotillomania Sometimes Passed Down In Families?

Pulling out your hair is simply a way for you to get rid of nervous energy...otherwise known as anxiety. Some people watch sports to get rid of their anxiety, some people workout, some people have OCD rituals, others bite their nails, some have panic attacks as they have no avenue to release their energy, and others pull out their hair.

The reason trichotillomania is often seen in more than one member of a family is because emotions are contagious among anyone you spend your time around. Parents often pass on their most common emotional patterns to other family members...thus creating anxiety. And the worst part is the anxiety "coping" strategy of hair pulling is also adopted by other members of the family either consciously or unconsciously.

How Do You Stop Pulling For Good?

That is what I have spent years of research on and finally thanks to the power of the internet I'm able to bring you an affordable and immediate solution to your trichotillomania problem.

There is 3 main steps in the strategy that I teach that is absolutely guaranteed to work in curing even the most serious trichotillomania symptoms.

Best of all the strategy I'm about to share with you can be done in the comfort of your one has to know about your embarrassing compulsion any longer...

You're about to learn the most effective underground strategy that guarantees you stop all your hair pulling compulsions in as little as 9 minutes.

How can I guarantee this?

For the past 2 years I dug deep into this topic of hair pulling and I've finally put together a brand new video that reveals the most effective technique there is to stop your hair pulling compulsions...permanently.

You will get this straight forward video that holds you by the hand and walks you step by step...Did I mention there is only 3 steps?

I mean I've put so much work into this video its like I'm practically ending your hair pulling compulsions for you.

All you have to do is hit play and follow along, it really is that easy.

Now I have to warn you...

This Technique Is Unlike Anything Else You Have Ever Tried Before...

This is not something a therapist would tell you to do...simply because they get paid by the hour, and how will they feed their family if they can just tell you how to stop in under 9 minutes...that's if they even knew this underground technique to begin with...

I have nothing against therapists...they are very beneficial under some circumstances, but I figured out a system that ensures you completely erase any urges and compulsions you may currently be feeling to pull your hair...all in under 9 minutes.

How will you feel if just 9 short minutes from now you can completely remove all your hair pulling compulsions, so you can move on with your life and forget about this stupid hair compulsions.

It's Not Your Fault...

 You have been told inaccurate and ineffective information on how to stop your hair pulling compulsions...

That's why I developed a simple course that guarantees to stop all your hair pulling compulsions in 3 simple steps...and here's the best part, you have absolutely no risk and are absolutely guaranteed to stop your hair pulling compulsions in under 9 minutes.

What if I told you just 9 minutes from now your hair pulling compulsions would be permanently gone? Hard to believe isn't it? But, it's true.

Three Reasons To Believe Me When I Tell You: You're Only Minutes Away From Terminating Any Urges and Compulsions To Pull Your Hair...

1. Over 432 People have permanently stopped their hair pulling compulsions with this 3 step technique.

2. I guarantee you will stop pulling your hair in minutes or else you get to keep my entire course for free.

3. Because of my bold "If you don't stop your compulsions in 9 minutes you get all of your money back guarantee."

Here's a list of everything you get, I make it so easy to stop your hair pulling compulsion I'm practically doing it for you...all you have to do is press play and follow along...I've put in months upon months of hard work...researching,  testing different methods, in order to bring you the one technique that guarantees you remove your trichotillomania symptoms you can finally forget about your embarrassing symptoms and move on with your life...

Introducing The 3 Step Hair Pull Cure Video...

  • The only video in its kind because it deals with the cause and not the effect...which means to you that you will end this habit permanently and without having to struggle consciously to stop pulling. Which really means to you that no longer will you have this embarrassing disease stop you from enjoying life. The reason I say that is because the number one thing most of my clients say is that they are glad to get this habit out of their life so they can finally move on.

  • You get a completely free look at this course...What's great about this course is that it is 100% guaranteed to work for you because I am that sure that it works I will even let you keep everything just for trying it out. That means that you have zero risk...I know what it's like to be taken advantage of and I would never do that to you. You are just a couple of minutes away from never pulling your hair, I say that because this is not based on theory, I speak with confidence because of the results this technique produces. This is a simple technique that works, and it works in under 9 minutes.

  • The last trichotillomania website you will ever need to visit because I looked around everywhere else and I cannot find anyone else who guarantees to stop your trichotillomania symptoms permanently and in under 9 minutes. What that means to you is that unlike other people who spend months and spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on therapy, dermatologists, and hazardous medication, you get the one technique that guarantees you stop your hair pulling compulsions immediately...saving you a lot of money and a lot of time. Not to mention the embarrassment you might be feeling.

  • This 3 step cure flat out gets results because my main concern is not to tell you why you pull your hair, but to get you to stop as fast as possible, and permanently. Which means you're not going to get a bunch of theory and reasons why you might have hair pulling compulsions, you're not going to sit in a couch and talk to yourself for years, you're not going to have to buy expensive medication. Instead you're going to get very clear instructions on how to eliminate your trichotillomania symptoms immediately and permanently.

  • Eliminate all thoughts and compulsions immediately because this system literally reconditions your nervous system. Meaning that the thoughts and the feelings will be completely gone and never come back. Which really means to you that you never again have to struggle with will power or any thoughts or compulsions you may have about pulling your hair. The reason I say that is because the number one concern most of my clients have is that they want the feelings to be gone, they are tired of trying to will power away their addictive compulsions.
  • Master the 3 step cure in a matter of minutes, because I don't go into detail about all the theories that may be causing your trichotillomania. You and I just get into the technique and how to use it, to stop as fast as possible. You are just a few minutes away from never having hair pulling compulsions again... I say that because my two goals in designing this course have been to eliminate the feelings you have to pull and to do it as fast as possible, no multiple sessions, no medication, no dermatologists, just immediately treat your trichotillomania.
  • These are the secrets you can't find any where else because I adapted this secret specifically for people who suffer from trichotillomania. You are getting something engineered specifically for your needs. This is the exact system I used and hundreds of others to permanently end trichotillomania symptoms in under 9 minutes.

  • Curing your trichotillomania compulsions couldn't be simpler. The reason why is because you don't even have to read anything, just hit play on the video and follow along, and by the time the video is done you are done with your hair pulling compulsion... I used all the resources I could get to make sure there is no chance you ever pull your hair again. This is because I looked around online and I saw no one who truly makes it easy to stop hair pulling compulsions for good.


  • I challenge you to find someone else who makes it this easy to stop your hair pulling compulsions. Because I looked all over the web and even offline resources that offer help to stop your hair pulling compulsions, and I have never found someone that comes even close. You are making the one and only decision you need to having healthy hair once again, even if you can't remember the last time you had it. I really went the extra mile to make sure I provide as much value as humanly possible to someone who wants to cure their trichotillomania. with this simple system. So much so that if you e-mail me, I will get my research team to find any answer to any question you might have, but I don't think you'll have to...:)

  • You won't believe how many people wish they could get their hands on this information. Because there are dozens of forums, blogs, and websites that talk about how to stop hair pulling, and honestly the advice they give never worked for me. I'm not saying it doesn't work, just didn't work for me. You are really fortunate to get your hands on this breakthrough secret that has taken me years of hard work and additional months to put together in an easy to follow format that you can follow easily.

  • You will be one of my next thank you emails. I say that not to be arrogant, but because everyone who applies the secrets in this course sends me an email not too long after thanking me for revealing this secret technique to them. You are taking no risk because someone in your shoes has already been where you are and has already gotten the same result that you want. Once you discover how simple it really is to stop with this underground secret, you will be asking why more trichotillomania sufferers...don't know about this.

  • Once you watch this video, you will have a feeling of freedom, confidence, and control over your life. Not only will you learn how to completely end your hair pulling compulsions, you will also ask yourself, what else could I use this secret for? Your beliefs and your life will be improved forever, and the best was effortless, fun, and you learned a heck of a lot along the way about how your brain works. This is really an instruction manual for the brain in 2007.

  • You are only minutes away from never pulling your hair again. I made this entire program downloadable, so you get to watch this entire course immediately. No shipping costs and no waiting for it to arrive in the mail, simply download and press play. I show you exactly step by step how to download and play everything even if you don't know how to turn on your computer.

Email Excerpts From People Who Watched The 9 Minute Trichotillomania Cure Video...

"Hi Alex
I just wanted to say THANK YOU so very much for your help! your sytem is amazing its saved my life!, i havent pulled my hair in 6 months i feel absolutely amazing.
For the first time in my life i am happy with the way my hair looks and the way i feel. And the best thing is, i know im totally over it i know it will never empower me again its out of my life forever and i can now start to enjoy my new life!
you've given me a new lease on life i was about ready to give up and shave it all off and barely exist in this world. 
I cant thank you enough honestly i had tried everything and nothing worked i had parted with so much money that i didnt have, and when i saw your website i just thought here we go again another con that will pull me in and get money out of me "but oh well its worth a try" !!!
I would just like to say to anyone that is looking at your site thinking DO I, DONT I.      DO!!! even if your thinking i havent got the money to do this again and just hope for the best, it really works.
When i used to read the testimonials from hairpullers on these sort of sites and from this one, i used to think yeah right you've just made these up yourself to get peoples money.  I am a real person who had a severe case of trichotillomania and i hope that if you are reading this it will give you the courage to go for it! you wont look back.
alex le grande is genuine and his easy system really does work
Alex please add this to your page i would really like people to read this, and once again THANK YOU!!!!!
many thanks
Melanie White"

"Alex I just wanted to send you this email to thank you for ending my trichotillomania. I had been pulling my hair for years and if it wasn't for your video I would still be. I can't thank you enough. I would highly recommend anyone who has trich watch this video, it changed my can probably change theirs as well."

"Alex I sincerely want to send you my warm regards for ending my daughters trichotillomania problems. She had been pulling and eating the hairs that she would pull from her head. I was beginning to get worried she would get sick from eating her hairs. That's when I began researching trichotillomania cures on Google, and came across your site. The video was extremely easy to follow. I love it. Thx again for making it available."

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! that's all I can say as soon as I was done watching the video...I didn't feel any different, but I noticed that I would start catching myself more often when I pull my hair out, something I wasn't able to do before. Eventually I stopped noticing I was pulling my hair anymore because I wasn't... Thank you so much for the video!"

"I used to be one of those people you talked about that ignored they had a problem. I hit rock bottom, and was more depressed than ever about my hair pulling. I started doing some research online, and ordered your video. That was the last day I ever had any depression. It was definitely a lot easier to just admit my problem and stop it, than it was to ignore it. I can't thank you enough, your video is awesome.

"Never in my life did I think I would be able to stop pulling my hair in 9 minutes. I had been pulling my hair for over 10 years. My friends and family that knew about my disorder are absolutely stunned."

"I ordered your 9 minute hair pull cure course about 2 months ago. I have been busy and had not had the time to personally thank you. The video worked remarkably, I feel completely different. I had depression and anxiety and they seemed to melt away once I learned the trich cure. Thanks from the bottom of my heart."

"Hey Alex, I can't tell you the feeling of freedom I feel now that I gained control over this area of my life that I had been ignoring for so long. I started seeing my daughter pulling her hair, and immediately decided it was time for me to stop before she copied by disgusting hair pulling habit."

"Alex the information on your site works because it worked for me, and all I did was watch the video. Simple as that. A+ highly recommended to any one who sufferers with hair pulling compulsions.

"Alex you have ended my hair was so easy, I can't believe it worked. Your video is worth 5 times what you charge for it, in a heart beat I would pay $500 for your video."

"Hi Alex I have to admit when I first landed on your site I thought it was a bit hyped up, but I thought if just 1% of what you say was true, it would be worth it...turns out it was a lot more than 1% because I stopped my trich on right after finishing watching the video."

"Alex I really can't believe therapists don't know this stuff. I had been going to therapy for years because of my trichlomanea or how ever you spell it. I was very skeptical of your video and it seemed way to good to be true. Glad I took the plunge and ordered it. You're stuff works, that's all I have to say, you should teach this stuff to therapists."

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All This For The Low Price Of Only $39...Remember This Is A Limited Time Offer For The Next 3 People To Get The Course Because This Is A Market Test I Am Conducting At The Moment...

So... the way I see it, you have 2 choices...

  1. You can take advantage of the opportunity you're being given, and invest in your future by investing just a little bit in this video. You can change your trichotillomania permanently and move on with your life for good... Or...

  2. You could just keep doing what you're doing now. Running around in an endless cycle of trying to stop with will power, medication, therapy, and failing. Then hoping "the answer" finally arrives that can end trichotillomania...

Seriously... put some thought into this. The answer you've been searching for...the solution to your humiliating trichotillomania right here, staring you in the face.

Alex, I'm ready to end my hair pulling compulsions forever in only 9 minutes.

I'm ready to invest in my future...invest in...

The 3 Step Hair Pull Cure...

I understand that this is a one time, limited offer and...

YES...I want to permanently and effortlessly end all my trichotillomania symptoms in only 9 minutes just like 432 others already have...

YES...I am sick of getting no where with will power, therapy, medication, and I want to know exactly how hair pulling compulsions are meant to be stopped. Using this extremely simple technique...

YES...I know the offer carries zero risk. I have a 100% 8 week money back guarantee...And this crazy low $
39 price will be doubling as soon as 7 more units are sold in order to cover advertising expenses.

YES...I realize this groundbreaking video, "3 Step Hair Pull Cure" is available instantly as a I am just minutes away from ending my
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YES...I want to download this breakthrough video right now!

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But You Have to Act NOW

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And Do it right now!

To Your Ending Your Trichotillomania Permanently,

Alex LeGrand

P.S Remember... this has nothing to do with therapy, dermatology, miracle creams, and especially not medication. This is a simple 9 minute video that is transforming the life of trichotillomania sufferers literally overnight. You have absolutely no risk go ahead and...

Get Instant Access To The 9 Minute Trichotillomania Cure Video

P.P.S Its now or never...Take action while its still fresh in your mind. Don't procrastinate, all it takes is 9 minutes, and the results are 100% guaranteed...I understand there is a lot of hype out there. But what if I'm right? What if 9 minutes from now you're trichotillomania is permanently annihilated from your life.

Okay Alex, Let Me Watch This Video Already!

P.P.P.S. Your future comes backed by an unbeatable 8 week 100% money back, guarantee. If you don't stop your trichotillomania symptoms in just 9 minutes after watching the video...Or...If for any reason you want your $39 back, you'll get it...just for asking. No problem. I can offer this because I'm that confident you'll never need to ask. But if for some reason you do... your money will be refunded with a smile.

I'm 100% Guaranteed, I Have Nothing To Lose Except My Trichotillomania Symptoms...I Want To Join The 432 People Who Have Ended Their Suffering And Get The Instant Trichotillomania Cure Video!




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